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AmeriSteel Fastener is a reputable importer and stocking distributor of fasteners, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. As a women-owned and minority-owned business, we have proudly served our customers for the past 12 plus years, demonstrating a deep understanding of engineering principles and a keen awareness of the technical requirements of various products.

Our commitment to efficiency is evident in our ability to offer the shortest lead times for full truck load orders. We also maintain substantial stock to promptly supply your smaller fastener needs throughout the United States, including locations such as Illinois, Georgia, and New Jersey

We aspire to be your preferred source for fasteners, offering specialized services that encompass procurement, shipping, tracking, storage, and on-time delivery. You can rely on us as a dependable partner to meet your fastener needs while providing dedicated and reliable service anywhere in the US.


Pre-packaged LTL orders shipping from our warehouses
Value added storage needs for our customers throughout US
One stop for all logistic needs
Procuring hard to find specialized items in stock for our    customers
Strategically sourced fasteners from ISO 9001:2008 certified partners
Design and engineering capability to custom built-fastener for your need


No request is beyond our capacity, whether its bulk order or smaller quantities, as our comprehensive list of products is fully equipped to satisfy your requirements. Our products undergo rigorous quality checks and hold ISO 9001:2008 certification, ensuring impeccable standards.Anchor Bolts

Concrete Stakes
Timber Bolts
Threaded rod
Tie Rod
B7 Studs
Hex Head Bolts
Carriage Bolts
Hex Nuts and coupling Nuts
Heavy Hex Nuts
Square washers
Fender Washers
Tap Bolts
Stainless Steel washers
Stainless steel Studs
Stainless Steel threaded rod
Strut and Accessories

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